Events Outside of Class

Students must attend at least one event during the semester that gives them exposure to the UA math and statistics community, opportunities for engagement or careers in math and stats, or resources for success during their time at the university. They will write a paragraph about the experience.

Pre-approved events include:

Other events may be approved if the student emails the instructor at least three business days prior to the event.

Assignment Details:

  • You must attend one of the above events for at least one hour.

  • Write a paragraph of at least six sentences that includes:

    • The name, location, date, and time of the event.

    • 2-3 details about the event that interested you (e.g. specific employers you talked to, activities you participated in, facts from a lecture, or new study strategies, depending on the type of event).

    • One new thing you learned from the event.

    • Whether you will use what you learned here in future, and why or why not? (For example, will you continue to attend club meetings or lectures, will you follow up with any employers, will you use a specific study skill?)

  • The paragraph is due at the last class session, but you may hand it in at any time throughout the semester. You are encouraged to complete the paragraph during the same week as the event you attended.