Research Paper

For this assignment, you will write a paper of about 1000 words and give a 6-8-minute presentation on a mathematical topic, which may be a well-known person, theorem, problem, or application of mathematics, statistics, or data science. Your paper should be typeset using LaTeX, and your presentation created using Beamer. 

There are three goals to this assignment:

Students will be expected to follow formatting conventions from the American Mathematical Society Style Guide.

Helpful sources for research:

Helpful sources for writing support:

For ideas for paper topics (or future research topics, or just to learn about the fun things happening in math and science), I recommend these online publications:

Quanta Magazine

Towards Data Science

Columns by Steven Strogatz in the New York Times

Math Horizons articles

Vi Hart (YouTuber)

Numberphile (YouTube channel) 

Meet a Mathematician